Crowd Labs was previously known as Minimael Co, when we released our first product on the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter in early 2016, we had no idea that within only 3 years we’d have shipped products to several thousand customers all around the world.

Thanks to the crowd funding and the power of the internet, our unique business model has allowed us to pursue developing any product we find interesting and think our customers would appreciate.

While our product offering may seem capricious, a company selling cable organizers also offers high quality desk toys modeled after the periodic table?

We see it as a work of passion. We love applying our engineering and product design skills to develop interesting high quality products for our customers and we’re eternally grateful to our crowd funding backers who continue to support our work and enjoy our products.

After developing a new product and sorting out the various details of mass production, we initially offer the products exclusively on Kickstarter or another crowd funding platform to gauge interest and receive feedback. After we’ve successfully launched product and shipped all pre-orders out to our crowd funding backers. We offer the products for sale here on our website and on other common ecommerce platforms.

We will continue to keep solving the problems we find interesting, develop products we hope you enjoy, and hopefully inspire others to follow their own interests in STEM. This is our mission that we are in for the long haul.

CEO / Founder

Aerospace engineer, proud nerd and STEM enthusiast.

VP of Sales & Business Development

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